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Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm protected by a team of 'Mini-Me's'

As my third week back at work comes to an end, I feel as if my life truly is getting back to normal.

First, the pump that would have provided food to my feeding tube -- had I needed the artificially (and unnecessarily) vanilla flavored Nutren 1.5 -- was picked up by Apria Health the other day. Another baby step toward my recovery.

And work is becoming easier to complete each day.

Today, friends and colleagues Jon Walton and Sara Fajardo surprised me with more than a half-dozen likenesses of myself in various "Battle Keith" characterizations that they mounted on tin, cut out to the shape and placed about my desk. They did an amazing job.

At the top of this entry is an photo of one of the seven "mini-me" tin characters placed around my desk. I make a pretty good British master and commander, don't I? And to the upper right is a shot of another version of me with ax in hand and ready to really trim stories. Sam Zell would appreciate the shorter stories.

It really is great to be back, but the coming weekend will be a good break.