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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dr. Z comes through

Late Friday, Dr. Zehngebot called me while I was at work to ease my concerns.

So I didn't have to wait, and wait, and wait.

He said the CT scan I had Monday didn't appear to turn up anything abnormal -- I guess he meant abnormal for my abnormal innards. After all, my stomach is a fraction of its former size, some of it is used to replace a chunk of esophagus that doesn't exist any longer and all of this is practically in my chest.

He said my liver looks a little funny, and I think he was saying that because it looked "funny" after all of my chemo and radiation. The PET scan lit up the liver, but a biopsy cleared me for surgery. So, that's not much of a change.

In any event, I'll find out exactly what Dr. Z meant when I see him Friday morning. But he voiced no concerns about my condition as seen in the CT scan.

So that's another bit of good news going toward my one-year anniversary post surgery. It's so hard to believe it's been that long, and that's a very good milestone to almost have behind me.


Laurn said...

I found your blog from the Pampered Patient website and even though I am crying I am very happy to have found it. A little less than two years ago my Uncle Keith started having health problems. Right before I went away to college we found out that he had esophageal cancer. Our family was devastated. My Aunt did everything that she could and so did the rest of us. When he got really bad I started coming home every weekend. We thought he would make it through. We prayed and we sat there next to him as he faced the side effects of his chemo. There were times that his doctors said that he was getting better but it always got worse again. He died almost 9 months ago. We are all still sad. And I still start crying when I think about him. But your blog let me know that he is still with me because his name was Keith William H. His wife called him K.W. and your first two initials are K.W. as well. I know he must have put the link to Pampered Patient on my screen today so that I would find your blog. I am so happy that you survived esophageal cancer and thank you very much for making a blog about it.


Keith W. Kohn said...


I am so sorry for your loss and I'm sorry I never met your uncle. Imagine, two Keith Williams sitting face to face talking about their common illness. Weird.

I am not sure which type of esophageal cancer your uncle Keith had, or what his other conditions may have been. But his case is an example of just how deadly this disease is and how unknown it is by the general public. Until I was diagnosed with it, I had no idea you could get cancer of the esophagus or that heartburn could be one of its causes.

Please be well and think good thoughts about your uncle during the holiday season. I'm sure that's what he'd want.


Jamie S. said...


Wonderful news, buddy. Was very pleased to hear it. Yet another thing to celebrate during this holiday season.

Your note to Lauren, above, was also very touching and poignant. It's amazing the compassion you develop, especially after having gone through something like this.

Drop me an email off this thing when you have a chance.

Happy holidays!

Keith W. Kohn said...

Thanks. And, done! :)

Jamie S. said...

Good luck at the doctor's office Friday (tomorrow). I know you'll let us know what he says.

I will respond to your email this weekend. Been a nutty week.