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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little Botox goes a long way

Well, I'm back on solid food -- thank goodness for that -- and breathing a sigh of relief after may endoscopic exam yesterday, July 20.

Dr. Phillip Styne and his crack team of nurses, assistants, anesthesiologists and aides at Florida Hospital Orlando injected a dose of Botox into my pyloric valve, also known as the pylorus, to make it easier for me to digest food.

It was kind of quirky because I was taken into the procedure room at 1:19 p.m. Monday but Dr. Styne couldn't do the procedure yet -- the Botox hadn't yet arrived from the hospital's pharmacy.

I was slightly doped up on anesthesia when the doctor told the nurse anesthesthetist to hold off on fully loading me up. I had the mouthpiece in place for the endoscopic tube to be used, and I was allowed to remove it until the drug arrived. (Good thing, because I was drooling a little; sorry if that's tmi.)

One of the nurses joked that if there's extra they could use it elsewhere if I wanted.

Then folks started getting a little peeved at the pharmacy. I even offered to phone down and complain that 'I'm here lying on the gurney, the the stuff up here!' But a few minutes later, it arrived and about 1:32, if I recall correctly, I went lights out.

I woke up about 20-25 minutes later in the recovery room with Catherine in attendance. She'd already spoken with Dr. Styne, who said all went well. (She even snapped a photo or two of me unconscious. Tweeters can find my images on Twitter if you search for my live-at-the-time tweets under #endoscope.)

I'm adding the above photo here as a sample.

So in the end, all went well, the Botox seems to be working, I'm eating again -- though being a bit gentler with my dining -- and as I tell people all the time I'm happy to be here.

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