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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The check was in the mail

Finally, I was able to follow through on a pledge to make a donation to Florida Hospital Cancer Institute.

That happened this morning.

In the name of transparency, I just endorsed the check to the Florida Hospital Foundation.

It wasn't a massive amount, just $149 and change. But it felt good to pass the money along from -- you, my friends, family, colleagues and complete strangers. It was all your doing. And I thank you.

Jaclyn Lindsey, a development specialist, was in the Foundation's Orange Avenue office when I arrived this morning. She's a good person and was honestly very happy to have the check. It will be bundled with other, similar small donations and will be used to purchase equipment for the Cancer Institute that might just help save someone's life.

Maybe even my own. Or yours.

There are other ways to donate small amounts. I learned a couple of weeks ago that the Foundation set up a way for cell-phone users to text in $5 donations from their cell phones. Just text the word FIGHT to 90999. The $5 donation will be billed to your cell phone account.

So let's keep up this fight against cancer of all kinds. One of the best ways is by checking out this blog regularly.

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