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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pre-surgery update

Well, in the past week a lot has happened.

I did make an appointment and saw Dr. Joe Boyer on Wednesday. We agreed I need surgery to remove the "soft tissue mass" that he said is adjacent and possibly affixed to the exterior of my "neo-esophagus."

He explained the risks of said surgery as well as his likely method. Dr. Boyer first will try to operate laparoscopically, by making three small incisions to my right side and going in with a camera and itsy-bitsy tools. Yes, that is the technical term.

If that doesn't work out, my side will again become a slab of flank steak and be sliced open so he can get hold of the growth and yank it out.

The surgery should take a couple of hours.

I have been to Florida Hospital, poked, prodded, peed in cups, oozed blood and glowed in the dark in preparation for my operation early -- very early -- Monday morning.

Tonight and again about 4 a.m. I have to shower with a medicated soap to kill anything alive on my upper torso.

After the morning shower I go to the hospital by 5 a.m. to prepare for the 7:30 a.m. operation.

When I awaken several hours later, I will be in the ICU. There I will still have a foley catheter and a main line into my aorta.

Once I move to a real room, I will be in the hospital's spanking new tower, with its 42 inch flatscreen TVs and unlimited cable and internet and video games.

Of course I will probably be too stoned to enjoy it all.

I should be hospitalized three or more days, depending on the type of surgery Dr. Boyer employs.

Saturday was my last day at work before starting short-term disability. Hopefully I will return sooner rather than later. I will miss my friends and colleagues during my absence but will keep in touch by phone and email.

So here is to hoping today isn't the last day of the rest of my life and that tomorrow's early morning procedure goes smoothly.

Till we meet again!


Audrea said...

Good luck, Keith. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

i'll see you in a few hours daddy.
ps. i found a typo. :)
some editor you are. "alive" has an "i" in it.
love you,

VĂ­ctor Manuel said...

Best of luck, Keith.

Kim Hays said...

Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery!!


Sherry said...

Sending positive thoughts and well wishes for a smooth procedure and speedy recovery...