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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Exhale, Waiting to Inhale

Sitting in an uncomfortable swivel chair in something akin to an old-time phone booth, but with suction-and-vacuum-sealed doors, I had to inhale, hold my breath, hold my breath, hold my breath, exhale, then inhale and exhale rapidly as if I were trying to hyperventilate myself.

That was just one of the tests by the respiratory therapist earlier today.

I also had a few X-rays of the lungs, which showed up clean (whew!), and a good chat with the doc.

Dr. Sigfredo Aldarondo said my coughing might be caused by acid reflux. Since my reshaped stomach (now in my chest) is so close to the smaller esophagus and since there's no sphincter to keep stomach fluids from the esophagus, that could be the problem.

He prescribed a new med to replace the Pepcid I've been taking.

We'll see if that helps. I'll keep you posted.

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