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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

That voice -- again

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday, a call from Nurse Brenda.

Brenda, you might recall, is the heartbeat of the Thoractic Cancer unit at the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. She keeps the place running smoothly. For a while during my cancer treatments and surgery and all the confusion they generate, she made sure I was where I was when I was supposed to be there.

So when Brenda calls, I answer. With pleasure.

She said she had another patient going through what I did and he'd like to speak with someone who has been through it. I won't mention his name because that is his business, not mine. But of course I told Brenda I'd be happy to speak with him whenever he'd like. I also reminded her to point him to this blog.

(Shameless plug here: I reminded her to click on as many ads as possible because the money generated from Google will become a charitable gift to the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. At that time the total generated was about $22. Not much since September. But after reminding Brenda that Google won't cut a check until I raise $100 or more, she agreed to click on some ads now and again. So, yesterday more than $3 was raised, bringing me one-fourth of the way toward that elusive check. So folks, click away!)

I won't say when or if I hear from this person unless I gain his permission, because it is personal. I decided at the start to be very open -- some say too open (see photo posted yesterday, for example) -- but others may have different ideas.

So, Brenda, it was great to hear from you and you'll always have whatever help I can provide.

Thanks for everything!

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