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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another chance under the scope

I'm all scheduled now for another endoscopic exam on Oct. 3. Dr. Styne explained that this dilation is a standard follow-up to the one I had in August -- they usually do a second dilation two months after the first, I guess to make sure it takes.

So far the first one has taken, almost too well. I've literally gained about 10 pounds since that endoscopic exam. Dr. Z said that's most likely because now I'm actually able to digest my food. I'm still taking Reglan to help me digest the food. But it seems to be working.

So while I always look forward to seeing Dr. Styne, because he's really a good guy and a talented doctor, I just hope this time I don't put on too many more pounds afterward. I enjoy having a loose fit in a size 36.

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