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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy end of the week in store

Friday will be busy for me. Early that morning I'll be back at Dr. Philip Styne's office and will undergo another endoscopy with dilation.

It's another minor procedure -- in the scheme of things. The good doctor, or, rather, very good doctor, will stretch out a stricture in my stomach-turned-esophagus to help me swallow and digest food.

The procedure is a standard follow-up to the exact same thing I had done two months earlier. It was planned at that time and is not unique to me.

So, back to Friday. I go in early that morning. Son-in-law Luis Nunez will drive there and back because I should be a bit woozy for the ride home. Also, because of the happy meds I may not remember too many things soon after the procedure, such as instructions from the doc and that kind of thing.

I'll then rest at home until it's time for work.

So that's what my Friday has in store for me. As always, I'll update the blog when I can after the procedure is done.

I just hope I don't gain another 10 pounds, as I did after the earlier endoscopy in August.

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