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Monday, October 6, 2008

Murky look

Dr. Philip Styne took a look inside my esophagus and stomach on Friday, and he said it was kind of murky inside.

Apparently this is because I've been eating the wrong foods since the opening to my stomach was dilated two months ago. I grew cocky, daring my system to work right. Of course, it wasn't, and Friday's exam, pictured here (look if you dare) was the result.

Another result is yet another endoscopic exam, this time at Florida Hospital in a couple of weeks, to dilate more and also to inject Botox into the muscle at the base of my stomach, easing its clench so food can pass easier through to the intestines.

I know, sounds both exciting and appetizing.

Meantime, my diet must change. Steaks, out. Burgers, in. Salad, out. Burgers, in. Nuts, berries and fruit, mostly out. Eggs, in. Get the picture?

Hopefully once the Botox is in, things will change I at some future point I'll be able to go back to a normal diet of salad, steak, dessert, you know, the Outback kind of dinner.

Though I hear they have a good chopped steak on the menu.

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