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Monday, October 20, 2008

It has begun ... mmm mmm good!

Well Thursday morning, I have another endoscopic procedure. This one will again be by Dr. Philip Styne, but unlike the last scope or two this will be at Florida Hospital.

Also unlike the others, I have to be on a liquid diet for the three days leading up to my procedure. Which means starting this morning, I've been pretty much off solid foods.

So I've had yogurt, pudding, soup, soup, cereal and, oops, a couple of summer rolls. Yes, I cheated. But they're mostly noodles, which I'm allowed in soup, so I'm not too fazed.

But tomorrow I'll be very loyal to the diet and Wednesday I'm going to stick with mostly clear liquids.

The reason for this diet is because in the last scope, Dr. Styne had a tough time spotting parts of the stomach he should have been able to see. So I had to be intubated again and suctioned while I was unconscious. He determined my pyloric valve -- also known as the pylorus -- isn't doing the job it's supposed to do, namely move food from the stomach to the intestines.

Because it might not be working right, I'm going to get a shot of Botox in the pylorus so it will loosen up and let the food flow.

Back to my short-term diet. Soup. Mostly soup. Mmm mmm good. I do like soups of all kinds, yet I don't know if I really like them this much. I fear that once the procedure is done, I'm not going to want soup for a long time.

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