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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bloody Well Right (with apologies to Supertramp)

Wednesday was a watershed day for me in a couple of ways.

First, it was the first time since my cancer diagnosis that I made a blood donation. I hope the people who receive my donation use it in good health.

Second, it was sort of an affirmation that I am healthy. I received the blood center's seal of approval to prove it -- they took my blood, after all.

Not long ago, if you had certain cancers and were treated with either chemo or radiation, you had to wait five years before donating blood -- if you lived that long.

Today it's just a year.

So in another eight weeks I'll go to work early when the bloodmobile shows up at the Sentinel and make another donation. I've always liked giving blood -- besides helping others, I just always feel physically better afterward.

And I encourage you to make a donation if medically able. Call the blood center nearest you to see if you and your particular medical issues would keep you from donating. If they do, perhaps a year from now you'll be better able to make a donation.

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