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Monday, May 11, 2009

Changing meds, soon changing docs

I saw Dr. James Miner, my cardiologist, today.

The visit was to check out the chest pains I've had the past few months. They're the same one that led me to Dr. Miner in December -- the ones that led to my catheterization. My EKG looked normal to the doc, and said the pains are more likely caused by my digestive system than my heart. That's a good thing for sure.

He did add a med and told me to drop another. Now I'm taking nitroglycerine tabs twice a day, but no longer taking hydrochorathalazide, or whatever it's called. This should ease the pains, since nitro works with the arteries of the esophagus and stomach just as it does with the heart. It also drops blood pressure, thus the change in BP meds.

Sadly, Dr. Miner also told me he's leaving the practice he's been with since 1990. He said he's moving over to a practice in The Villages up near Lady Lake -- a vast senior development that straddles three counties. While parts of Florida's population are declining, people still are moving into The Villages.

He plans to commute. Ouch.

I'll see Dr. Miner again on June 1, but that likely would be the last time as doctor and patient. He's a good guy and I'm sorry my time as his patient has been so brief -- though not needing a cardiologist until this time certainly isn't a bad thing.

I plan this weekend to toast Dr. Miner at breakfast -- a cup of juice, wheat bread smeared with heart-friendly spread, egg white omelette and a cup of oatmeal.

Cheers, Doc!

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