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Monday, February 11, 2008

Back to work Tuesday

It's hard to believe, but Tuesday at 3 I'll be back at work.

After a few days longer than four months, can't wait.

But as I was saying to Catherine just a little while ago, it's pretty amazing that from diagnosis to now it's been about four and a half months. Pretty amazing. My prognosis at the time I was diagnosed was grim. Somewhere between 17 percent chance of success and 50 percent, depending on which doctor or which report you got the information from. It's much better now: I have a seven in ten chance of being around two years from now and at that point they'll re-assess and hopefully increase my odds.

But I think the docs are pretty eager to see me survive, since we plan to have drinks in a couple of years to toast their success in my treatment.

So to my friends and family at work, I'll see you tomorrow. It will be a fond homecoming on my part.

I'll toast to that.

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