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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Visit to doc tomorrow should clear way to work

I'm scheduled to see Dr. Boyer Wednesday morning and hopefully he'll give me the all-clear to go back to work next week.

Except for occasionally overeating (this means swallowing a dash more than 8 fluid ounces of food and/or drink at a time, heaven forbid) and the resulting bloated and nauseated feeling I'm doing very well. I hope the good doctor agrees.

Dr. Boyer knows just where I'm coming from. Several years ago he donated a kidney to his sister and recalls the post-surgical pain, etc., he experienced. Imagine, a surgeon with empathy. He knows what I'm feeling to a large degree.

This also shows what the man's made of. Everyone says surgeons, especially heart surgeons, are filled with themselves. I haven't seen that in Dr. Boyer. Sure, he's confident. You wouldn't want it any other way. But he's a regular kind of guy, even if he does like Mac products. He's also a good guy, one who anyone can befriend and who would befriend almost anyone.

I say this not to sway his opinion of my condition but to convey my admiration.

I'm going to go from Dr. Boyer's office to Dr. Diamond's to gain his okie dokey, then I'll drop the papers off at the Sentinel. Might even see some folks in the newsroom.

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