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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ah, food

I had a gyro and fries this afternoon, my first solid food in a couple of days. A better 3 p.m. breakfast was not had by me in recent years.

It was at the Daybreak Diner on Curry Ford Road, and it was a tossup between the gyro or their special sloppy joe.

But why have breakfast at 3 in the afternoon? The answer is simple. That was the quickest we could get there from Florida Hospital after my endoscopic procedure.

Dr. Philip Styne conducted the endoscopy and had to inject Botox into my pylorus to get the valve at the base of the stomach to better regulate food flowing into the small intestines.

This is why I have had various forms of chicken soup and Jell-O for the past two days.

And it's why I was dying to have food this afternoon.

In short, the good news is the procedure worked. The bad news is I had to drink my meals for a couple of days.

Below is a look at what the good doctor saw when he went digging into my insides. The numbers correspond to descriptions at the bottom.

Now can you pass the ketchup?
1) Surgical site; 2) Pylorus; 3) Small Intestines; 4) Pylorus; 5) Surgical site; 6) Surgical site

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