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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Souper duper

If we lived in ancient Rome, I'd be very wealthy.

That's because I'm on day two of a "clear liquid diet" that will lead to yet another endoscopic exam on Friday.

But let me explain. The exam will likely involve either dilation of a stricture in my reshaped, remade, bionic esophagus or an injection of Botox into my pyloric valve at the base of my stomach. All this to help me process and digest food just a little better than I'm doing now.

So since Wednesday I've been dining on Jell-o and soup. That way by the time Dr. Philip Styne peers into my insides the path will be clear of gunk and leftovers and other nasty-looking contents. He'll be able to navigate and treat whatever it is that's been keeping me bloated for a month or so.

Dr. Styne, the best of the best of the best in his business, will perform his magic at Florida Hospital's main campus. I'll have some happy juice and snooze a few minutes and then go home. The procedure is scheduled for the afternoon, but I have to arrive at noon. Daughter Karen is my ticket there and home, since I won't be able to drive afterwards.

Oh, and as for the wealth remark above? Ancient Romans viewed salt as a measure of wealth, and, for a time, it was used as currency. With the amount of soup I've consumed yesterday and expect to consume today, trust me: Lots of salt.

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