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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A lot to be thankful for

For a while today I was thinking about that statement above. But it's true.

Besides my wonderful family and friends, there is a lot for which I am thankful.

I have my health (I'll address this in a sec.) after all.

But mostly I have my wife and kids and family and friends. Catherine is and has been amazing through nearly 28 years of dealing with me. My daughters, including one due to wed in less than two weeks, are amazing and a constant source of joy -- and negative cash flow. Their boyfriends (in other words, their ability to make wise choices) are great and always welcome at home. One of our two elder kids from Catherine's mistaken marriage, has been nothing but a joy; the other, well that's another story for another time.

My Mom has been a blessing throughout my life and her returning health is another source of thanks in this year.

Now, back to my health. One could look at the past few months and ask if I'm crazy for being thankful that my health is as it is. After all, I have a life-threatening disease that has made me ill for the past seven weeks, preceded by a minor surgery and which will be followed by a hazardous surgery. Then there's no guarantee that my health will be restored.

But the way I see it, I'm thankful that going into this ordeal I was restoring my health. I was losing weight intentionally (I'm down two pant sizes, though I'd much rather it was via a more natural weight-loss plan), my blood pressure had been down, I don't really have any other major medical issues. So my health as it is will help carry me through my cancer and help me survive the cancer.

How can I be more thankful, then, for my health as it is? My health will help keep me alive. In a very real sense. Others like to be "healthy" but my health will help save me.


So on this day of thanks for all that we have, look at yourself, at your family and friends, even to those you don't like so much, and be thankful for all of them, for everything. One doesn't often get the chance to be so introspective, but that's a mistake. Everything we are, everyone we are with is a source of thanks.

So enjoy dinner with friends, family, colleagues and thank them all for being a part of your life.

You'll thank yourself someday.


John Cutter said...

Excellent post that helped make me thankful today for many things. Happy Thanksgiving from the crew working metro today -- John

Lilly said...

"Everything we are, everyone we are with is a source of thanks."

So, so true.

Happy Thanksgiving, Keith :).


Keith W. Kohn said...

Thanks guys for participating in my Thanksgiving blog.