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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still feeling blah, hopefully not for long

The bronchitis that's been dogging me for a few weeks is practically gone, but my other infection seems to have returned. The doc's office took some blood work and made other tests yesterday and I go back Friday for more tests. Hopefully, things will appear improved.

Also yesterday, my appointment with Dr. Boyer, the surgeon, never happened: partly his fault, partly mine. Being a surgeon, he was in an emergency heart surgery yesterday and when he got out met his backlog of patients in the office. But after about two hours of waiting, we left about 7ish. I was just fried and feeling ill and couldn't wait any longer. I hear he was ready just a few minutes later. Ah well.

But I did learn today he heads the Cancer Institute's gastrointestinal surgery team, which eased my concerns. So I look forward to our first meeting, whenever that will be.

Now I'm just hoping that I get rid of the bronchitis and the other infection so I can focus on the cancer, which itself is sapping my energy every day.


sandy said...

Hi Keith,
Get better; the troops miss you. Rest well!

Rick said...

Keith, I'm pulling for you man. Not a day goes by that I'm not thinking of you and your fight.

Rick Brunson

Lisa Cianci said...

Hang in there, Keith. I'm thinking of you often and sending healing thoughts your way.

Keith W. Kohn said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments and positive thoughts. I'm in good spirits but damned hopeful this thing ends soon. It's getting old and I miss seeing all of you and just being at work. Keep kicking butt; I check out the paper almost every day; some days I just can't do much at all.