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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Riding over a hump

The past couple of days have been kinda blah. When I have not been coughing up my lungs I've been feeling as if I need to heave up the contents of my guts. Pleasant thoughts, I know.

Good news is Dr. Z prescribed, what else, a "Z Pack" to fight the bronchitis. It seems to be working. Though my voice is pretty shot.

I had a call from a nurse consultant and it was rough answering all her questions, but somehow I managed. She's trying to help, but somehow at this moment it really wasn't. But I cooperated because that's the kinda guy I am.

I fear that this week I will not record a weight gain. I've been eating a tad less due to the nausea, though maybe I can turn that around over the weekend.


Susan said...


Sorry you've hit a rough patch in your treatment. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Miss you on those nighttime shifts!

Sal said...

Hey Keith. Love that shiny head. Looks great. The new you. I'd keep it. The Mike Bianchi look.
I just returned from Dallas, where my wife and sister-in-law participated in the three-day, 60-mile Susan G. Komen walk to cure breast cancer. My sister-in-law Joni just finished a year of chemo and radiation, and she was determined to take part in this walk.
It was quite inspiring -- with many fun moments, too. Let's just say there was a them -- well, a pair of themes: Boobs.
Women with huge fake boobs. Bare-chested men in pink bras. Crusty-looking bikers with fake boobs hanging from their butts.
But they hoofed it for three days -- 2,400 people. And the event was organized better than just about anything I've ever seen.
Not sure how to drum up such widespread support to eradicate other forms of cancer. Can't imagine a 60-mile walk for esophageal cancer, or pancreatic cancer. But I know people are trying hard.
Talk about marketing being put to good use....
I've kept my distance from the office while on vacation. I don't like being too plugged in (not good for the blood pressure). But some sad news before I left: Steve Harmon announced his resignation. He'll be deputy editor of a golf magazine.
Great news for him. Sad for us.
Well, I'm actually going to try to work out now.
Keith, hang in there. And know -- especially during your moments of nausea and pain -- that all of us are thinking about you every day.