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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Monday's numbers look OK

Had a blood draw Monday afternoon and the nurse said the numbers weren't bad. Whew. The white-blood count was good but others were a bit low -- though not too low.

So a week after the chemo was removed its still having an effect on my body. I guess that's good. I have no problem with the chemicals, the radiation, whatever, kicking some cancer butt.

My endoscopy and PET scan both have been moved up a few days, the scope to Friday, Dec. 7, and the PET to the following Monday, Dec. 10. This so Dr. Boyer, Dr. Z, Dr. Diamond and their cast of thousands can review the results on Dec. 12. Surgery should follow within days, methinks, though no firm date has yet been established. Personally, the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait to get it over with.

In unrelated news, my Mom will be up in Orlando on Dec. 1, just in time for Jenny's wedding on the 2nd. Jen is quite psyched up and ready to rock, as is her finace, Chris. Mom is thrilled she'll be able to attend, though she won't be able to participate (earlier I dangled the carrot that I'd gladly stand aside and let her escort Jen down the aisle is she were to be better in time). She's fine sitting in a wheelchair and enjoying the nuptials. I, too, am happy to be able to attend the wedding, though my bald head might glare out the photo equipment.

In all, it will be a busy few weeks ahead, but rewarding in many ways.


Susan J. said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Keith!
Happy birthday to you!


It was good chatting with you. Glad to hear you're eating a bit, resting a lot and keeping your spirits up.

Enjoy your special day!

Keith W. Kohn said...

Thanks Susan, was a nice day. Good talking to you, as well. Remember to pass along gossip next time, for enquiring minds like mine.


jamie said...

Birthday? BIRTHDAY? Hmmm. I see no mention of a birthday...

I have no gossip to pass along, but I will wish you a happy birthday! I hope the year brings you happiness and most important, health! :)

jill said...

hi keith,
glad to see you are getting better as well as your mom. please give me your mom's phone number so i can give her a call. sorry it took so long to get back but you know of everything that went on with my dad. congratulations on the wedding. keep in touch, love, jill

Anonymous said...

Dear Keith:
Happy Birthday, kiddo!
With love,

David S said...

Happy Birthday Keith...even though I called you a day early...