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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mom's finally in Orlando

Catherine drove me down to retrieve Mom from her rehab center in Boca Raton and Friday we made the trip back to Central Florida and Mom's new short-term home at Conway Lakes Rehab Center in Orlando. We were accompanied by Aunt Anne, Mom's sister, and Sylvia Clark, Mom's best friend for more than 50 years, who also will attend the wedding.

Mom already has had a couple of physical therapy workouts, though so far she's not thrilled with the menu at Conway Lakes. She is thrilled that on Sunday we're checking her out for the afternoon so she can be a part of Jennifer's wedding. (Mom, pictured above at Conway Lakes, checks out the wonderful scrapbook made by my friends at work. She and my family were mighty impressed.) She won't be up to walking Jen down the aisle, but she'll be there -- something we were not sure would happen a couple months ago.

So to Beatrice Spitz, we at the Kohn household just want to say Welcome to Central Florida!

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david s said...

I'm sooo glad she made it to orlando...AND the wedding.
Love David