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Monday, December 17, 2007

Plans move forward ... moment by moment

Met Dr. Mayoral today, and, still, the plans are changing even as we communicate.

Dr. Mayoral would do a biopsy endoscopically via the esophagus, which he would pierce to grab a smidge of the hilar lymph node. But it appears now that pulmonologist Dr. Nicolaas M. Grobler will do a similar procedure via the bronchial tubes. And he'll do it Tuesday at 2 p.m. More fun, woo hoo.

The procedure is called an endobronchial ultrasound, or simply a bronchoscopy for us dummies. Basically, the doctor, who apparently is fleeing the Sunshine State for the Golden Gate State at the end of the month (more work out west with all the fires and smoke in the air), puts this tube with an ultrasound attachment down my throat and into a bronchial tube, where he locates the hilar node and pokes a hole from the bronchial tube to the node and grabs a piece so another doctor can determine whether it is cancerous.

If it's not, I presume Dr. Boyer can proceed with surgery one of these days. If it is, I guess it'll have to be removed.

So that's the latest, which included an update even as this was being typed.


Lilly said...

We're pulling for ya, friend. I'll pray that they are finally able to get on with the darn surgery.

We want you back here, man!!!! :)


Keith W. Kohn said...

Tell me about it. Thanks and I'll see ya back at the office soon, I hope. ;)