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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More doses of reality and visit from Prof. Fate

Aside from the daily tugs of war my stomach wages with the unused feeding tube firmly implanted there, another reality is approaching. Friday, as I've noted before, is the endoscopy, and then Monday is my PET scan.

I had a call from Florida Hospital today to pre-register for the PET scan at the Advanced Nuclear Medicine building across Orange Avenue from the main campus. By pre- Prof. Fate, r, in "The Great Race," c. Warner Bros.
register, of course, they mean pay your co-payment. Which I did. I'm pretty close to the max I'll have to dish out for the co-pay, $1,250, so the surgery and resulting hospital stay won't require a payment. Whew.

But the reality is that once these two tests are concluded the doctors will determine my fate. Or maybe my body will determine my fate but the docs will evaluate and assess said fate. Maybe I should call the docs Professor Fate (some of you might get that). But that would be a slur to my docs, who I really admire, so I'll hold off.


April Hunt said...

I'm sending many positive cosmic whirlies your way!


Bonita Burton said...

Keith, rooting for you and hoping you get some good news. Bo

Keith W. Kohn said...

April, one can never have too many positive cosmic whirlies. Thanks.

Bo, appreciate the positive vibes. I'm sure the news will be good and in a month and a half, give or take, I'll be back at work.

Thanks to you both,