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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Today is big day, but dilemma is hat or no hat?

It is Jen and Chris' big day today, and the whole family is quite thrilled for them. They're a wonderful couple who have been together for a few years and know what they want. I'm glad both myself and my Mom are able to be at their wedding this afternoon.

The happy couple are pictured above (with Jen's sister Kim as the officiant and niece Remi to left and nephew Elliot at right) and at the bottom during the rehearsal at Stoneybrook Golf Club on Saturday.

So of course I have a glitch that I'm trying to resolve internally at the moment. Hat? No hat?

On one hand, no hat reflects who I am right now. No hair, shiny head, big smile. On the other hand, no hat also reflects glare into the cameras -- really don't want to white-out the photog -- and gives me a sunburn on my scalp. Something a hat would prevent.

I'm leaning toward a hat, since that's what I have been most comfortable with since having my head shaved prior to the chemo in October. (I've since had to shave my head a couple of times to keep the few very thin hairs that have returned from looking bizarre atop my head.) And I don't think Catherine would allow me to wear my new best buddy, my Yellowstone hat, at the wedding.

So for now I'll go shopping this morning for a hat and if I find one suitable for a wedding, well, I'll buy it. If not, I will go bald to the ceremony.


WIlloughby said...

Your family is gorgeous!
Rich and I send our love and congratulations.

Jamie said...

Congrats on the big day! I'm sure no matter what you wear, the kids are thrilled that you can be part of their special day. :)