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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back from CT scans

Finally back home from the CT scans at Florida Hospital. The tests went quickly and Catherine and I then picked Kimberly up from work.

While I was being poked by the nurse and getting an IV line placed, Dr. Z called to touch bases. He said he'll let me know as soon as he gets the results, which I am sure he will. He's pretty good on the communication side of things. And we'll have to meet by Friday to map out a strategy, or in the words of our humble president, a strategery.

After that we'll just have to see. I'm hoping the spots on the liver are just shadows of the feeding tube or fatty deposits or cysts. Of course, it's possible they're a bit more serious than that.

At which point I'll have to seriously ask the doc whether I should place my head betwixt my legs and kiss my much thinner arse goodbye.


Anonymous said...

crap. crap. crap. crap.
need I say more.
You're in my thoughts constantly Keith. Constantly.


Anonymous said...

We're sending you our love and best wishes for a complete recovery, and keeping you in our prayers.

Lots of love to you and the family,
Patrice & Glenn