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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Results: Good and bad

Dr. Z just called and results of the PET scan were not quite what I wanted to hear.

On one hand, my esophagus appears to be clean. On the other hand, there are "spots" on my liver.

Which has the doctors stumped. They don't see how it was clean before and now has spots, especially with the esophagus clean. One possibility is the radiation caused some burns there. Another is more cancer.

So, I'm in for at least two more CT scans and likely a biopsy of my liver.

These might get scheduled for today; I'll update as I can.

It's disappointing but at least the cancer is out of the esophagus, so if the liver is cancer free things are pretty good.


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srich2699 said...

I'm the guy who sent you "myh Story" to look at. Seems NOW yo have time to read it!!
From experience, the worst is OVER. You'll continue to improve....just don't rush it. I learned...everything in its time. Took me two weeks to really feel good. Read my'll see.


Steve Rich (