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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I'm posting this early just in case my meds put me to sleep early. Just want to wish all my friends, colleagues, relatives, loved ones, strangers and the rest of you a happy, healthy and safe new year, which is just three hours away at this moment.

Remember to monitor your body and visit your doctors if something just doesn't seem right. And, of course, keep in mind that heartburn can cause cancer, so if you've had a lengthy problem in the realm of digestion, please take care of it. You could avoid all the crap I've gone through these past several months. You could avoid heartburn caused by your medical status.

You could avoid death.

So please be safe tonight and tomorrow and join me in a new year that has to be -- without a doubt -- better than 2007 was.

Good night and good luck to all.



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.

I was surfing the net about Florida Hospital about two weeks ago (just got hired as a RN there) and I came across this site. I've been following your progress daily..Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

hi keith! happy 2008. lundy tells me you're looking good. i'm so happy to hear that. get some rest. i'm always thinking about ya.
sarah langbein

Keith W. Kohn said...


Thanks and I'm trying to get out as soon as possible.

To my new nursing friend, I'm in room 3305, feel free to stop by.


ottawa said...

Hi Keith, I've been following your blog for a while now as my father was just recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I know your blog has helped many people (including my family!). Good luck in your recovery.