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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Signing off with 7,015 total page impressions

As I sign off tonight before the surgery, I just wanted to note we've had more than 7,000 page impressions since the blog began in October.

I continue to hope and pray that it has helped more than it hasn't. My usual mantra remains: Heartburn can cause cancer, so make sure you get a checkup. And if you're having trouble swallowing, hurry to a gastro doc.

The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute's thoracic cancer program says this of esophageal cancer: "Esophageal cancer is increasing faster than any other cancer, and is among the most deadly cancers." So I hope you take symptoms such as difficulty swallowing and severe heartburn seriously.

Your life could depend on it.


Anonymous said...

Keith, Catherine,

You and your family are in my thoughts constantly. I'm sending lots of positive energy your way and praying that the surgery goes smoothly and the recovery is swift.

Susan J.

Anonymous said...

You are hanging tough and staying well-grounded and upbeat. You're an inspiration!

Mark P.