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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Curiouser and curiouser

The docs and myself are growing curious as to why my stomach just isn't doing its thing. The working theory at the moment is pretty logical: This organ went through a helluva major ordeal in the past week or so. It was severed from another organ, cut, stapled, reshaped and reattached. So if it takes a few extra days to jump start, so be it.

I had X-rays taken today but didn't have the barium swallow test. Maybe tomorrow. They show that not much is progressing from the stomach. Imagine me not digesting food. Food is one of my favorite how is this possible?

But other than the stomach issue, my health seems to be returning. I feel as if I am breathing easier after a week of difficulties, and I'm requiring fewer and fewer doses of pain relievers. Whew!

So once this situation is resolved and my diet is restored I'm guessing I'll be able to go home.

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