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Friday, December 7, 2007

Whew! Endoscopy's over; the good doc did great

Had the pleasure once again of joking around with Dr. Philip N. Styne of the Center for Digestive Health on Mills Avenue, and then he got down to business. (The good doctor's photo is here, courtesy of the Center for Digestive Health's Web site.)

I'm glad I was totally out of it by the time things started. But when it was over, daughter Karen told me Dr. Styne left images of my insides (At the bottom of this post, if you dare!) and told her it appeared the tumor was smaller. Not sure I can tell from the images if it's smaller or even what it is. But the images are there in all their living color.

But it was good to know that Dr. Styne is a reader of this blog, so maybe he'll let me know what's where, which is up or down and what to look for and then I'll inform the rest of you. Dr. Styne even joked with the two nurses and myself in the procedure room, warning that they should be careful what they say because it'll be online by tonight. How right he was ... even sooner. But I did point out that I've never, ever said anything bad about any of my docs -- that's because I can't think of a bad thing to say. They're all top-notch and I recommend each and every one of them if (God forbid) you need their services.

So check out the images and let's find out what they mean.

Oh, and apologies to my buddy John Cutter, but after the procedure my wife and daughters and I had brunch at TooJays off Colonial.

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