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Monday, December 31, 2007

Jevity just doesn't do it

I'm still being nourished by the previously mentioned Jevity, pictured below in two photos. Mmm.

What would Homer Simpson say about this non-flavored (artificially or otherwise) high-protein, high-calorie food substance? Sure as heck it wouldn't be "Mmm, Jevity."

I had more X-rays shot this morning and hopefully they'll show some movement in the foods and fluids in my stomach, which, I presume, would lead to me being able to eat food once again. I kinda miss even the nasty hospital oatmeal, which is pretty pathetic. It is the worst oatmeal I've ever had.

I will offer some in-hospital meal tips at a later time, and be sure that the fish dinners will be close to the top of my faves and the breakfasts will be among the lowest scorers. It's so hard to believe any professional cook or chef or dishwasher could flub something so simple.

I'll update later, when I hear from my docs what is going on. And if I hear from Homey with his noble opine of Jevity or rival Nutren, I'll be sure to make note of it in this space. After all, these products might have some redeeming benefits beyond the medical world. We just haven't discovered it yet.

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