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Monday, December 10, 2007

Scanned, sealed, delivered

It truly was busy today.

I started the day at the PET scan lab about 9:15 in the morning, drank some radioactive isotopes and had others injected into my bloodstream. I did get to nap for about 90 minutes before I had another drink of a yummy chemical and then went to the PET scanner, the big thing made by GE to the right.

There, some talented techs, like the one at left operating the PET scanner, guided me through the four-foot tunnel and kept me calm, cool and collected.

Afterwards, however, they wouldn't tell me a thing about what they saw. Not a hint. Not a clue. (Of course not, that is the doc's job!!!) So while I spent more than two hours there, I have no better idea now than I did before going for the scan as to whether I still have cancer and whether it has spread. Damn!

But not to worry. The day got better. I had a blood draw about two hours after leaving the PET scan. It was mixed, but mostly good. Once again, the red blood count and the hemoglobin were low, but not critically so.

Later, Catherine and I visited Mom at her rehab center, and she had good news as well: her tracheotomy was closed today. If two months ago someone would have said that the trach would have been gone before the new year I'd have argued against them, and I am a relatively optimistic kind of guy.

When we returned, there was another pleasant surprise: A beautiful arrangement of Christmas cactus was at the doorstep, courtesy of Sentinel Editor Charlotte Hall. (Thank you, Charlotte, they're really beautiful and I'll add a picture in the morning light.)

Finally, Catherine and I were invited to the Jethro Tull concert by our best friends in the world, who drove in from Lakeland for the event. The concert was amazing and really made the day one of my best since this whole cancer ordeal began. We were in row B, which isn't the second, as one might imagine, but is pretty far down toward the front. The seats were great. The music was great. The company was great. (Thank you, Mary Ann and Ted!!!)

I kept on thinking -- but then put the thought out of my mind...

I will be to more concerts in my life. Today just confirmed the obvious to me.


Sarah said...

Keith, I have good feelings about the scan! I hope you're staying positive and feeling all of our love headed your way. Your Sentinel fam is looking forward to getting you back.
Many hugs,
Sarah Langbein

Anonymous said...

Have you got your Van Halen tickets? I do. :-)
February at the Amway Center. I bet Eddie could play a mean version of Aqualung.
- dc

Lilly said...

I was in a cover band back in Baltimore years ago. We did "Cross-Eyed Mary" and "Aqualung".

I was pretty terrible LOL!!!

Keith W. Kohn said...

Sarah, so far the PET scan's been mixed, but I hope the biopsy Tuesday clears things up.

David, even Eddie would have a tough time doing it with a flute, as Ian Anderson did in their latest version of the classic.

Ms. Lilly, aka Katherine, I'm sure you were not as bad as you think you were...especially if your audience was enjoying any recreational chemicals prior to the concerts.

Thanks all,