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Friday, January 4, 2008

Almost free, at last

Dr. Boyer checked in and said things are looking good.

Due to the cuts on my right side, he said, I might never be able to pitch for the Yankees. But aside from that, I'm looking good to go -- possibly by Saturday.

They'll see how well I do eating today before deciding. But the tests all look good and I have a feeling I'll be able to consume whatever food they put in front of long as they give me enough time to eat it.

As for pitching for the Yanks: The Yanks?

I guess he doesn't know I'm a big Mets fan.

But this means I'll have to relegate myself to the minor leagues.

Ah well, another dream deflated.


jamie said...

Wonderful news! I'm sure you'll be so happy to be home, and in your own space. :)

Joseph said...


I'm not much of a "blogger", which is rather surprising if you only know how much of a "technophile" I am.... But here goes...

Thanks for all of the kind words which you have expressed relative to the care you've received so far from the TEAM at Florida Hospital.... It truly is a special place to practice medicine (and to be a patient, also!) and I feel blessed to be practicing here with so many talented and caring professionals!

As for my coments relative to your future as a pitching prospect for my beloved Yankees.... I stand by my words.... You probably won't ever pitch for them in NY---Their pitching staff is too strong... However, (with no disrespect intended), the NY Mets, on the other hand could probably still use your help; even in your current weakened condition as you recover from a challenging operation you might fare better than some of the guys they trot out to the mound every 4 or 5 days.....

Seriously, though, thanks for being a great patient (or what nowadays is called a "healthcare consumer")-- one who takes the time and makes the effort to become your own healthcare advocate, asking questions and always trying to understand exactly why? each and every step of the way while at the same time trusting that God has helped you to receive your healthcare at one of the premiere healthcare systems in the USA....

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you move on with your life in 2008.... I believe that your positive mental attitude will continue to serve you well in all your future endeavors--


Joe Boyer

Joseph H Boyer Jr., M.D.
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon
Director,Thoracic Cancer Program
Surgery Section Chief, Orlando
Florida Hospital, Orlando

Keith W. Kohn said...


You are the best. And that isn't just my opinion. Ask the various nurses, doctors and others on the floor and they'll not argue with me.

But before I try out for the Mets I just wanna make sure...not one injected me with steroids while in the hospital, did they? Wouldn't want a Congressional inquest once I start to strikeout my opponents.

I would never want to smear your Yanks, since they are a wonderful team. I mean my first major league game seen live was at Yankee Stadium, so they are warm in my heart. I just always rooted for the underdog. Go Mets!

Thanks again for everything, truly.