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Friday, January 11, 2008

Surgery + three weeks

It's hard to believe I had my operation three weeks ago today. My, how time flies when you're

But seriously, yesterday and today were the two best since I've been out of the hospital. I've taken far fewer pain pills each of these days and I've just felt better overall. Nowadays I seem to have energy in the morning and then fizzle by the mid-afternoon. I have to work on building up this energy so I can return to work in a few weeks. (I am targeting early February for my return.)

I also have begun to eat a bit more food than I had earlier in the week. A doughnut here, hot dog there. All in all it adds up to more calories than I took in initially.

I've received more calls and comments from friends and I truly appreciate all the kind words. I Truly believe that this method of treatment, new as it is thanks to the Greco trials out of Nashville (and Florida Hospital), I hope more and more will be saved. Patients might experience pain, but that's what the happy pills are for. They might experience a small amount of numbness that may or may not go away, but I'd much prefer a numb knee to, say, death. It's a good tradeoff.

I continue to thank the docs and nurses and the many others who helped save my life and to hope more people in my prior condition find wonderful medical professionals like these who can assist.

Meantime, I'll keep writing and urging those with difficulties swallowing, with severe heartburn, or those who had heartburn that seemed to go away to be examined by a doctor specializing in gastric matters. It could very well save your life. Take my word for it. Please.


Danny Sanchez said...

Hey Keith, we're all praying for a swift return for you! Keep on fighting hard man. Hope that donut was a Krispy Kreme...


Anonymous said...

Dear Keith:
Just checking up on you and delighted to see that you are doing so well. Ain't it good to be home? I, too, hope that donut was a Krispy Kreme!!!

Sorry to hear Cathy broke her wrist -- geez-a-loo -- it IS always something.

We are doing well here. Just getting old... am having a BRIDGE built and installed in my mouth!!! Yet another cruel blow to my increasingly damaged vanity.I guess the bridge will match my bifocals... Here's to your recovery and the joy of becoming an old fart!!!
Love to you all!

Sarah said...

Hey Keith, Can you send me your personal e-mail address? I wanted to shoot you a quick note.
Sarah Langbein

Keith W. Kohn said...

The doughnut was a Dunkin but was still pretty darned good.

I'm still feeling well and am eating more.

Danny, I plan to return to work in a few weeks, with the doctors' OK, that is. I'm thinking early February.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,
I was just catching up on your last two weeks -- hadn't read your blog since New Year's Day and I'm so glad you are 1)at home!, 2) Doing well, with good reports from the docs, and 3) Feeling better.
I got all the way to the bottom of the current column of entries before I got the answer to the question I had in mind -- it was in the "related videos" department. So you have had a whipple surgery? That is pretty rare stuff. I have a friend who also has had one -- though for a different type of cancer, I think. She is about your age and has just reached the 5-year point after surgery -- and is doing great. I could put her in touch with you if you'd like to talk with someone else who has had a whipple.
Best wishes and happy New Year,