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Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting the OK to work

I had a good visit with Dr. Z today. He signed my return-to-work authorization giving me a green light to return to work the second week of February. Now I just need the same from Dr. Diamond -- who is out of the office for a week -- and Dr. Boyer, who I see the week before my anticipated return, on Feb. 6.

But in the meantime, Dr. Z has put in for me to have my medical port now buried in my right shoulder surgically removed on Feb. 1. It'll be an outpatient procedure and I hope it doesn't hurt too much; I've discovered my main allergy seems to be pain.

On some of the paperwork Dr. Z filled out today to extend my short-term disability through my return date, he wrote that my prognosis looks "excellent." Gotta like it.

I did, of course, remind Dr. Z to be safe on his helicopter ski vacation to British Columbia. No broken legs. No avalanches. I encouraged him to log into and create a trip blog similar to the one Catherine and I posted during our trip to Yellowstone this past summer ( so he could post his thrilling moments using his fabulous iPhone. It was meant for something like that. But the good doctor said he's likely to be too busy to blog, but he will write during the trip. So I'll pass along some of his comments (as long as they're printable!) when I receive them.

Remember, this is one of the guys who saved my life. I'll see him next in April. Hmm, figures it'll be pretty much near tax time -- one of the few things in life we can't avoid.


Rick said...

Keith, this is outstanding news! Can't wait to be working with you again on Friday nights.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to have you back! :) - Bianca