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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recovery is aptly named

It's true. Each day seems to get easier and easier. Fewer pain meds. More food. Less exhaustion. Amen.

I finally feel that I'm getting better. I'm noticing the improvements daily and while they're just baby steps they are steps forward.

Yesterday, for example, I took just two pain pills. Same for the day before. And along with this I'm also eating more. Cereal for breakfast, then a bagel (not from TooJays) and then more throughout the day.

For those wondering how painful the surgery site is and was, it is somewhat but was awful. Without the pain meds, the site on my side and back would be a 9 out of 10 early on, though now it's just a 2 or so. The site on my abdomen never really seemed too painful at all.

Numbness, though continues on my chest, side and down the right side of my right leg. I'm hoping it will go away with time. But as I told Dr. Boyer, if the choice is numbness or death I'll take the numbness.

Speaking of Dr. Boyer, I see him tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. I hope he'll agree that everything is looking pretty good. I think it is.

As long as the docs agree, I'm planning to return to work in early February. And I cannot wait. I'll have to adjust my body clock to be back on the night shift, but that will be fine with me. I've missed too much news already -- interstate shutdowns, killings, bombs on campus, etc.

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