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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm goin' home

Well, the moment has arrived. I'm dressed and ready to roll. My beloved Catherine is here and all that awaits are instructions from the nurse and a ride in a wheelchair to the exit.

I have to take it easy for several weeks to allow my wounds to heal, but otherwise I'm in good shape to go home.

I can't wait to get into my own chair, my own bed, kick my own dogs (only kidding, of course) and other informalities of home. What a relief.


Anonymous said...

Good for you...keep up the posts so we know how you are progressing. I would have loved to meet you, but as a novice RN (especially at Florida Hospital South), I am very busy through out my shift.

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

fabulous news!


Anonymous said...


Congratulations! Please heal up soon and get back to work. We need you.

-- Mark Skoneki

Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,
So glad to hear you're finally home! and a day earlier than you thought.
I hope you're lapping up food and attention in equal measure.