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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Normal life kinda returning

Friday morning daughter Karen will drive me to Winter Park Hospital for what I hope will be the final surgery of this whole ordeal. Radiologists there will remove the medical port they installed a few months ago.

I both look forward to this procedure and dread it. I dread it because ... well, geez, because all these things are getting old. But I look forward to it more. Once removed, my life will be one step closer to normalcy. I won't have this metal-and-silicone portal to my jugular vein bulging from my chest. I won't have to worry about a car accident that could really hurt me with the darned thing in place.

Another way normalcy is returning is my ability to eat. I'm eating a tad more each day, though a few days ago I overate -- by consuming one bite too much of chicken wings -- and became horribly ill as a result. It really is amazing how one bite can practically paralyze you. I'm sure this will change with time. Until then, I'm not even getting close to getting full. So a wing and a half will max me out for now.

Ah well, there goes my ribs or steak at Outback -- for now.

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