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Friday, January 18, 2008

Just a fun photo

Dr. Z shows off his upgraded iPhone. I had to post this photo on Friday. I had to see Dr. Z to pick up a fresh prescription for pain pills and of course we chatted about his iPhone and other things.

Like helicopter skiing. In British Columbia. Holy crap, right? The good doctor and a friend plan to do just that in a few weeks. As in flying to the top of a mountain in B.C. in a chopper and then returning to sea level or thereabouts using skis. Talk about being a thrill seeker.

I did have to point out, however -- and Dr. Z agreed -- that using the map function, or even the iPhone, may be difficult. As he noted, there's only one cell tower out there near the mountain. Maybe.

But he did upgrade his phone with the improved mapping software Apple announced at the MacWorld show, so my earlier post was correct that we'd discuss that even it was before my actual appointment next Friday.

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