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Sunday, October 21, 2007

2010, not the year

Hard to believe but so far 2010 people as of right now, 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, have stopped by this blog since its inception on Oct. 1. I know, it's really the same dozen or two friends who just check it out every few minutes.

I'm glad you're stopping by and I hope the blog is helping someone. Remember, its goal is to raise awareness in general about cancer and positive thinking in the face of adversity as well as the specifics of this cancer of the esophagus and the fact that heartburn can cause cancer.

Please get a check-up, an endoscopic exam or at least a consultation. If you feel you're a candidate for this, take care of it before it goes too far. Look at me, turn and run in the opposite direction. I didn't know I needed to have this examined 10 years ago. Now is your chance to avoid this horror in ... well, 2010, or beyond.


Sean Holton said...

Hi Keith...this is Sean Holton. I heard about this blog and wanted to contact you and offer you my support. I heard about everything just a couple weeks ago and wanted you to know that I'm really thinking about you and pulling for you. You've got lots of folks doing same. Hang in there, man.

Keith W. Kohn said...


Thanks. It's good hearing from you and I hope you're doing well.

I appreciate the support. Every little bit helps.


Anonymous said...

I am reading, too, Keith and thinking of you.

Kris Hey