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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Visit from friends

Bob and Judy Shaw stopped by today bearing wonderful gifts. Judy made a batch of Jewish penicillin the other day and gladly brought over a potful of chicken soup with matzo balls and a tray of brisket. Oy, would it be wrong to say I am in hog heaven?

They also brought two books for me to read, both inspirational tales of beating the odds, medically and otherwise.

It was good seeing a colleague from work outside of work, just a bummer it was under these circumstances. Though Judy convinced me these circumstances aren't as bleak as I sometimes see them. She has a story of her own about overcoming adversity and what some would say are insurmountable obstacles. But those will be for another time.

And we're already wearing the Livestrong bracelets they shared.

Good people; good friends, for sure.

Thanks, you two!

ADDENDUM: Catherine, Kim and I sampled Judy's brisket and soup for an early dinner -- everything's early these days -- and Oh My God. Everything was perfect. So good, so wonderful I dare not mention them to my mom next time I see her because until now I'd never found a brisket quite as good as her's -- mine or Catherine's included. Seriously, thank you sooooo much. The visit truly made the day, and the brisket and soup really capped it off.

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