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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'd like to introduce everyone to this group founded by Lance Armstrong, for several reasons. Firstly, it provides a very upbeat presentation to those with cancer, calling them survivors, not patients or victims. Secondly, it offers a wonderful, mostly free book that one can order online to help organize, motivate and educate. It even has goofy little stickers for those so inclined.

The Livestrong Survivorship Notebook has all kinds of resources and is available from the group's Web site at I did have to use the www. I'm not being paid to send people to this site, but I think it's worthwhile. Further, the book is free but shipping costs about $10. So it's really not free, free. But it appears worth it.

The book was first presented at the new-patient orientation Catherine, Kim and I attended the other day. Oncology social worker Katie Noble pointed out its various elements and convinced me it was a worthy investment. She wasn't wrong.

Check it out online and see for yourself, or stop by and I'll show you mine.


Tricia said...

Good Morning,
The LiveStrong yellow book is a excellant source for organizing all the things that you will deal with through your cancer journey.

I just rode 65 miles in Austin for the LiveStrong challenge and I also walked the 5k. We raised 3.8 Million. It's a great event.


Keith W. Kohn said...

Thanks Tricia,

I agree. It seems to be a wonderful motivational book. And its organizer lets you do things on your own terms. Very cool.

Maybe I'll join you in some of these fundraisers when all these treatments are behind me.

Thanks again,