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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Slowing down, gradually

It's hard for a person who is normally somewhat active to slow down. Not sure which is more difficult, mustering the energy to do things or enabling myself to slow down, as my body keeps telling me to do.

I yearn to get back on the deck of our little sailboat and hit a lake or waterway. But I can't. The sun isn't good for me.

I'd love to hit the beach. Again, the sun.

A theme park; a roller coaster. The sun. These additions to my body. The nausea I'd expect. Not a pretty sight.

So I'm relegated to the inside of my house except for the occasional escapes to a mall or a movie or a restaurant.

But I know that soon these will be luxuries I won't be able to enjoy; I'll be too darned tired. A friend, from whom I've already shared tips on slogging through chemo or radiation, said it will hit in a big way. So I know what's in store, just not when.

But each day, it seems as if that when is much, much closer.

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