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Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 1: Not as bad as I expected

My first doses of chemo are flowing through my veins and getting it there wasn't as bad as I expected. Longer, yes. But pain was minimal and comfort was fine. I napped a bit, did puzzles in a book (Thanks Karen Saunders!!!) and played with the computer.

Of course, daughter Kimberly was with me almost the entire time and when she wasn't there she was in the hospital cafeteria grabbing me a sandwich.

The blood they drew when I arrived showed everything looks good. My white cells are up, platelets are good, red count is good. Way above the minimums.

But Dr. Z said in a couple of weeks he wouldn't doubt if I need hospitalization for a few days to boost the numbers anew. I guess these meds plus the radiation will sap me of my good numbers.

Later on, I'll scan these so my medically inclined cousins and friends can make sense of it all. I don't ascribe to the HIPAA public-records restrictions so I'll break them myself. I am hereby waiving my HIPAA protections, thus indemnifying my own blog and its host, a subsidiary of Google called Blogger. Whew, do I feel safer now.

I took advantage of several of the tips listed to the left, such as the skin lotions, mouthwash (though magic mouthwash is a prescription item and the doc says I don't need it yet).

I did pick up a prescription med to help if I get nauseous, but so far that hasn't been an issue.

I've been out of the house for about eight hours and feel a bit pooped.


AmyRConnolly said...

Am I a stalker if I'm constantly hitting the refresh button for an update on your blog? :)
Im glad and relieved your day went well, Keith. We (the Connolly 5) are sending you positive vibes. (well, maybe when Patrick and McKenna cringe really hard, it's not positive vibes but just a poop...but you get my drift)
Now chill out and relax. You deserve it!

Keith W. Kohn said...

Amy, the Orlando police know who you are and where you live. I appreciate the positive vibes and I hope we can grab lunch so I can see the kids before they have less hair than I do.


Lilly said...

The nausea meds will come in handy. Oooo, I forgot to tell you: keep a box of alcohol pads by your bed in case you get nauseous, especially in the middle of the night or while eating. An interesting bit I learned from the mommy. You will be amazed.

Radiation will zap your counts a bit, and as a result will probably make you a bit tired. Get as much rest as you can, and make sure you keep up on your eating and hydration. Water is your best friend!

I am glad that your day went well, and I am praying for ya always. Keep smiling, my dear, no matter what may come. We've got the banners and balloons ready for you :).

Lilly said...

Wait, I probably didn't clarify what the alcohol pads do. When you're nauseous, the smell of alcohol halts the nausea. Sounds weird, but it works.

Sorry I didn't clarify. My attention span at 3 a.m. *lol*.

Keith W. Kohn said...

Hey Missy,

I'll add them to the tips list.

As always, thanks.