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Monday, October 15, 2007

Prominent readers, and you know who you are

I just returned from a full day of medical events, from my morning radiation to my afternoon chemo-pump recharge. As per one of the tips listed to the left, I rewarded myself with a yummy lunch with daughter Karen at Little Saigon on Colonial Drive in Orlando.

During my afternoon visit with Dr. Lee Zehngebot, my primo oncologist, I found out that he did, in fact read the note I sent back last week with the address to this blog. He said -- and showed me -- that he has checked it out regularly and held up his iPhone after linking to the site. Too cool. (Those who know me know I'm not a Mac/Apple/iAnything fan, but it was cool!)

So he really made my day when he showed me that he had it bookmarked. He's a good guy and I think he knows that's how so many of his patients and former patients feel.

As a matter of fact, since I began this blog Oct. 1, some 1,001 (as of this moment, 4:07 p.m.) people have stopped by to check out what I'm plunking down here. Hope you've found it useful, worthwhile, educational, informative, helpful, addictive (like a train wreck, I guess) and, at times, humorous.

Back to Dr. Z, who said my numbers still look good, that the white blood, red blood, hemoglobin, etc., were all in fine shape. Which means, he said, "they will plummet" when they fall. It won't be gradual. I'm ready, and told him I've already pointed out to the gang, such as Karen, that he warned earlier that I likely will be in the hospital in a few weeks. Not that I'm looking forward it, but I'm ready.

I also had my pump replenished and it was re-plugged into my "port" on my right shoulder. So far all the processes are working the way they're supposed to. Whew!

Earlier, I had my radiation, Day 3, and that went well. The way it works is I go into the room, get zapped once for 12 seconds from above, then twice more for about 6 seconds each from below the table.

Dr. David Diamond, the outstanding radiologist treating my disease, and I had a few more jokes. He's still stunned to find a liberal Jew. I told him I am not alone. Look in Hollywood, New York, South Florida. I told him I'm shocked to find such a conservative Jewish doctor. (No, we're not playing stereotypes, here, but it was interesting.) He grew up in the Midwest, which, I guess, was his way of explaining why the "L" word is so bad. He claims now to be a moderate. I believe him. He doesn't like Rush or other right-wing demagogues, so he must have some good within.

Dr. Diamond said I'm looking good. I mean, considering.

I'm actually glad I was able to meet and get to know these two fine doctors. They're good people, and I wish the circumstances surrounding our relationships were different. The way I see it, a few months and it will be different.


Danny Sanchez said...

Keith, you're in my heart buddy (and my RSS reader).

Ann Hellmuth said...

Give Dr. Z my love - he's the greatest. He loves to debate Sentinel editorial positions... be warned. We all miss you - the blog is terrific and you look great without hair. Think of it as being liberating. Luv Ann