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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We're baaack...from the radiation dudes

Day 1 of radiation really wasn't.

It involved getting X-rays and the tattoos. But the radiation itself begins at 9:20 a.m. Thursday. Then, the same time Mondays through Fridays. Can't wait.

The crew at the doc's office was nice, and daughter Karen shot the accompanying photos during the procedure.

I'm pretty upbeat after they said the radiation itself won't make me too nauseous. It's the chemo that will get me. Luckily that hasn't happened just yet.

Earlier, Kim, Karen and I had breakfast at TooJays, which is easy to become habitual.

So for the next few months I'll be shifting from night-side activities to daytime. Already, I'm up early enough to chat with Walter at the Sentinel, who read my early morning post, commented and then to whom I commented back before my appointment. Talk about Bizarro World. This is it.

In more ways than one.

This whole experience remains so surreal. Nightmarish in many respects, except I just don't wake up from it. It just goes on and on. When I think I'm at a "save point" where I could wake up, I still don't arise. It's still the nightmare. Life goes on.


Anonymous said...

Lot of free advertising for TooJays on this blog!

So what's the deal with the tattoos? Can you have them worked into a larger tat when this is over? I'm picturing something tough, like a screaming eagle carrying a headline that says: I kicked cancer's ass. Wanna be next?

Think about it, Keith. Probably get a discount during Bike Week.

When you need strength, remember our thoughts and prayers are with you.

- dc

Keith W. Kohn said...


Thanks. I was thinking Hillary carrying a banner saying "Cancer? It Took A Village To Defeat"

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith,
You have a lot of nerve taking time off just as the dance season is ramping up. No telling what sort of cretan will be editing my late night reviews! Wait, you could do that from home, couldn't you? Say, starting about 11 p.m. this Friday?
Seriously, give those cancer cells hell. And hurry back in time for 'The Nutcracker.'


Keith W. Kohn said...


I'd much rather be at work than doing what I'm doing. Trust me. I'm sure the person editing your reviews will do a fine job. I will miss them, though. But won't be for long. I will be back!