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Monday, October 22, 2007

Blogalicious? Is that a real word?

Dr. Z shows off his totally cool, wired (er, well, wireless, actually) and blogalicious iPhone at today's exam. Oh, also, my numbers are holding their own.

The good doctor loves all things Mac. And while that's not my cup of antioxidant-laden tea, he's pretty steadfast that spending too much for a Mac is a good thing. Who can argue with logic like that? Not I. Don't have the energy for it.

So I posted this totally sincere, totally contrite entry to show Dr. Z that his phone really is cool. In a good way. Very totally cool.

As for my numbers, they're holding their own, somewhat. Some are falling, at a slightly more rapid rate than before, but most are still above what would be considered bad.

Dr. Z said this is because my bone marrow is doing a good job. Whew. I guess my bone marrow is blogalicious, too.

So, is blogalicious a real word? I don't know. Maybe the folks at Florida Hospital's PR department -- who apparently do read this space -- can let me know.


Willow said...

*sigh*. I hate to admit it, but his phone is cooler than my Blackberry.

I got you a neat-o-riffic card. Gimmie a holler when you're free. I need yr address....

Keith W. Kohn said...

Well, the iPhone is very totally cool. So of course it's more cool than a Blackberry. Which is pretty darned cool in its own right.

My Motorola is so passe, I guess. Even if I can blog photos and videos directly from the phone. Ah well.


Sara Fajardo said...

If blogalicious isn't a word. It should be. I love how your mixing the serious with the lighter side of life. You are an inspiration Keith Kohn. Can't wait to have you back in the office.

One of the many Sentinel Saras,
but the only one with a camera.