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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is it soup yet?

My sustenance arrived an hour early today, which is fine with me. It's called Nutren and looks yummy. OK, maybe a shade less than yummy.

(See photos below.)

The good news, though, is I won't have to taste it.

The supply company delivered the pump that will infuse it into my feeding tube if the need arises.

It's just such an appetizing thought, let me tell you.

One question: This is set up to feed me when I cannot eat with my mouth. Cannot taste a thing.

So why is the Nutren vanilla flavored?


John Cutter said...

It's Nestle, so has to be good!

Thought of you just now since my daughter is playing Thrillville, a game in which you can make rollercoasters, which all look a little tamer than ones you go on.


Keith W. Kohn said...

Never played Thrillville but sounds like fun.

And with Nestle, all I could think of is the very best chocolate, not liquid meals. But such goes life.

Anonymous said...

Great observation on the vanilla flavor. There's no off switch on your journalism instincts. Wonder how much you are paying for vanilla flavoring that you can't taste. I see an investigative project in your future.