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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dubya sticker shock

So, I was at the center last night and told Katie Noble, social worker, how gracious Dr. Diamond was in accepting my gift.

She went to check out the sticker in the framed photo of the Diamonds and the Bushes. But, alas, it was not there. Rather, the good doctor had relegated it to a new task: Coffee cup coaster.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,
Not too much info. Great stuff and so good to know you are doing well and in such good spirits.
Missed you Saturday at dance review deadline time. Steve H. was an adequate sub but didn't quite have your joie de vivre about the whole thing. (No offense Steve, I know this was not you first priority.) The switch to new CCI seems to have gone smoother this week than most of us had imagined it might. Just think, by the time you're back we will have the bugs worked out!
Keep up the good work and positive thinking. We are all backing you!

Keith W. Kohn said...


Sorry I missed editing your review live. I do enjoy the reads, truly. I'll be back for more this season.

Sal said...

Hey Keith.
Sounds to me as if you're being smothered with great care by some Dubya doubters. So hard to believe there are good people in the world who don't like our president.
As a journalist, of course, I will reserve comment.
In case you haven't heard the latest, though, Dubya today warned of World War III if Iran gains nuclear capability.
I kid you not. Our president is talking about freaking World War III!!!! At least when Reagan said it, he was kidding....
It's that time of evening when I wait for all the prose to grace my screen before sprinkling pixie dust on it.
One story just came over, and it identifies Jesus as "Jesus Christ" in the lede.
So, like the wise ass I am, I asked about our style because, as far as I know, the guy never had a first AND last name.
So what do I get? A designer who shall remain nameless sends me a message: "Didn't he have a middle initial "F"?
Hang in there. Be strong. And never stop laughing.

Keith W. Kohn said...


Thanks for the smiles. You made my day. And my wife says his name should have been written Jesus of Nazareth.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith:
I'm catching up, and am awed by your energy and your outlook. The main hint I can give you, after accompanying a best friend through several episodes of chemo and radiation, is the propeller beanie, which i have on order for you, and the ABC juice, which is one Apple one Broccoli spear and one carrot juiced. Daily. All good stuff, simple to remember, simple to do. do you have a juicer? If not, you have one now!

Keith W. Kohn said...

I can puree like the best of em. I'll give you a review of ABC soon as I try it. Not that I'm rushing. But I promise to try it this weekend.
Thanks :)